Product Description

Product name: Propionaldehyde

Alias: n-propionaldehyde; methyl acetaldehyde

English name: Propionaldehyde; 1-propanone

CAS No. 123-38-6   UN 1275

Molecular formula: C3H6O

Molecular weight: 58.08

Properties: Colorless liquid with pungent odor, boiling point 48℃, melting point -81℃, density 0.798g/cm3, soluble in water and miscible with alcohol and ether. It has a stimulating effect on the skin, eyes, mouth, and nasal mucosa. The maximum empty talk concentration in the air shall not exceed 8000ppm.

Propionaldehyde is very active in chemical properties. It can react with hydrogen to generate propanol, oxidize to generate propionic acid, and is prone to polymerization and other reactions.

Uses: Propionaldehyde is used to produce n-propanol, preservative raw material propionic acid, water-based polyurethane raw material dimethylolpropionic acid, organic glass monomer methyl propenoate, resin raw material trimethylolethane, water treatment agent -The main raw material of acetoxime. Propionaldehyde is also a polymerization inhibitor in the process of producing polyethylene, an accelerator and anti-aging agent for synthetic resins and rubber, and it can also be used as an antifreeze, lubricant, and dehydrating agent. Propionaldehyde is widely used in medicine, paint, plastic, perfume, rubber, food and feed industries, and is recognized as a basic raw material for the fine chemical industry.

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Product packaging: galvanized iron drum or tank truck, net weight 165Kg/drum. It can be packed according to user requirements.

Product storage and transportation: Propionaldehyde is easy to oxidize to generate acid. Avoid contact with air and store under nitrogen protection. Aluminum or stainless steel containers are usually used, and carbon steel containers lined with phenolic resin can also be used. Propionaldehyde is a flammable liquid and should be marked in red during transportation.

Product protection: Wear protective gloves, protective glasses, and anti-static overalls to avoid inhalation and skin contact.







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