DAKINGS CHEMICAL (SHANDONG) CO, LTDis located in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, the beautiful beer capital. Relying on the rich technical resources of Sinopec branches and local companies, the company has built a trading platform for fine chemical products, and is committed to the trade and trade fields of fine chemical products and other energy chemical products, and specializes in the production and sale of organic peroxides, aldehydes and carboxylic acids, medicine and agriculture Pharmaceutical intermediates, organic compounds containing silicon and intermediates. At present, it has developed into a comprehensive chemical enterprise integrating the distribution of chemical raw materials at home and abroad, warehousing logistics and fine chemicals research and development. It has offices and production and storage bases in Tianjin, Fujian, Yantai and Zibo.

The company has a senior professional technical team, high-quality suppliers and partners, can ensure you to provide high-quality products and services, so that you have no worries.

Our company takes customer satisfaction as the tenet, takes the good faith management as the principle; develops the innovation, pursues the excellence; the people-oriented, takes the trust to take the person, the quality seeks the life. We take credit as the criterion, and win the brotherhood between you and me with the heart of honesty. We make a living and development by the quality of commodities, and organically combine the famous and excellent products from all over the country, and strive to build first-class reputation, first-class products, first-class services and first-class enterprises, in order to become a long-term strategic partner that can be trusted by global chemical enterprises.

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Telephone::+86 18953325915
WhatsApp / WeChat:+86 18953325915 Email:sales@dakingschem.com.
Production and storage base: No. 1, Neihuanxi Rd, Chemical Park, Linzi, Zibo, PRC.
Company address: Room 8110-2-1 (A), Qiantongyuan Office Building, No. 44, Moscow Rd, Qianwan Bonded Port Area, Qingdao, China.
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