Building a virtuous circle of petrochemical industry chain.

Issuing time:2021-04-16 12:18

Petroleum and chemical industry is an important pillar and supporting industry of national economy. During the fourteenth Five Year Plan period, while strengthening the traditional chemical industry, vigorously developing new chemical materials is the focus of the petrochemical industry. The development of new chemical materials industry is inseparable from the leading role of the market. The development of new energy vehicles, biology, high-end equipment, new energy, environmental protection and energy saving, rail transit and other industries urgently need the support of a large variety of functional new chemical materials.

Petrochemical industry is also an industry with high correlation and strong driving force. On the one hand, it is the coordination of the petrochemical industry chain itself, which should consider not only the overall layout of the petrochemical industry, but also the sharing of raw materials and resources; not only the mutual supply of upstream and downstream of the product chain, but also the differentiation of product structure. On the other hand, it is the collaborative development of petrochemical industry and other industries of national economy, especially the collaborative development of high-end manufacturing industry, to jointly create an independent, controllable and virtuous cycle of petrochemical industry chain.

Leading enterprises drive cluster development.

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, with the development of downstream industries, the demand for high-end chemical products will continue to rise. Therefore, the petrochemical industry must stand in the perspective of long-term development, fully investigate the market, formulate product planning according to market demand, and focus on promising fields, such as mobile cars, health care, food packaging, fashion clothing, 5g + robot and other new material fields. Developing products with large market capacity and good future prospects is an inevitable requirement for building an independent, controllable and virtuous industrial chain.

Driving the industrial chain to the high end is inseparable from the leading enterprises. At present, in the collaborative development of industrial agglomeration, the correlation between enterprises is not high, leading enterprises are not obvious, and the agglomeration effect of "chemical group" has not yet formed. In order to achieve a virtuous circle in the petrochemical industry chain, it is necessary to support the leading enterprises to become stronger and better, give precise support to the leading enterprises of key petrochemical and new chemical materials, and effectively solve the problems encountered in the development; give full play to the radiation and leading role of leading enterprises, drive the development of supporting enterprises, and promote the vertical chain and horizontal cluster of industries to form a cluster development.

Location cooperation, innovation cooperation.

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, the petrochemical industry should strive to break the institutional and policy barriers of cross regional collaborative innovation, give full play to their respective advantages, jointly build a collaborative innovation platform, do a good job in innovation and industry docking, and build a petrochemical innovation alliance; Aiming at the forefront of science and technology and the commanding height of industry in the world, we should strengthen the forward-looking layout of science and technology innovation and the sharing of resources and achievements by increasing innovation collaboration and implementing the innovation driven development strategy; Give full play to the advantages of innovation resources gathering, focus on breaking through major key technologies and core technologies, promote original innovation, technological innovation and industrial innovation, promote the deep integration of innovation chain and industrial chain, and create a new highland for innovation and high-quality development of petrochemical industry.

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