Dicumyl Peroxide
Product Description

Product Name: Dicumyl Peroxide (DCP)

Alias: vulcanizing agent DCP; cross-linking agent DCP; dicumyl peroxide

English name: Dicumyl Peroxide

CAS No. 80-43-3   UN: 3110

Dangerous goods chemical code: GB.5.2 category 52032

Molecular formula: C18H22O2

Molecular weight: 270.4

Properties: This product is white crystals, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, acetic acid, benzene and petroleum ether. Half-life temperature: 117°C (10 hours). Pure product theoretical active oxygen: 5.92%; actual active oxygen content: >5.86%. Self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT): 75℃; Alarm temperature: 70℃.

Uses: Mainly used as rubber vulcanizing agent, initiator of styrene polymerization reaction, and also used as polyolefin crosslinking agent.

Quality Index:


Product packaging: carton, net weight 4×5kg/bag; can be packed according to user requirements.

Product storage and transportation: This product should be kept away from high temperature or open flames, and avoid direct sunlight; avoid contact with reducing agents, acids, alkalis and heavy metal compounds; the product should be stored in a special warehouse, cool, dry and ventilated, and the temperature should be below 30℃; .When loading and unloading, please load and unload lightly and keep away from heat sources.

Product protection: wear rubber and oil resistant gloves. When the concentration in the air exceeds the standard, you must wear a filter gas mask (full face mask).


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