1-Pentanol, n-amyl alcohol, n-pentyl alcohol
Product Description

Product name: n-pentanol
Alias: 1-pentanol, butanol, pentanol, butyl methanol
English name: 1-Pentanol, n-amyl alcohol, n-pentyl alcohol
CAS No. 71-41-0
Molecular formula:

Molecular weight: 88.148
Properties: colorless liquid, slightly odor, low toxicity, flammable.
Uses: It can be used as a solvent and organic synthetic raw material and plasticizer raw material. It can also be used to produce edible fragrances, flavors, pharmaceutical raw materials, non-ferrous metal flotation agents, antifoaming agents for boiler water, and industrial production. The main raw material of ene, pentylamine and bromopentane.

Quality Index:


Product packaging: galvanized iron drum or tank truck, net weight 165Kg/drum. It can be packed according to user requirements.
Product storage and transportation: It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse at room temperature. Handle with care during shipment to avoid collision, fire and sun protection.
Product protection: Wear protective gloves, protective glasses, and work clothes with static electricity to avoid inhalation and skin contact.


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