n-pentanal, n-valeraldehyde
Product Description

Product name: n-valeraldehyde
Alias: n-valeraldehyde
English name: n-pentanal; n-valeraldehyde
CAS No. 110-62-3
Molecular formula: C5H10O

Molecular weight: 86.13
Properties: It is a colorless liquid, also known as valeraldehyde, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether.
Uses: Used in the production of amyl alcohol and oxidation of valeric acid. Raw materials for flavors, fragrances and rubber accelerators can also be used.

Quality Index:


Product packaging: galvanized iron drum or tank truck, net weight 165Kg/drum. It can be packed according to user requirements.
Product storage and transportation: easy to oxidize to generate acid, avoid contact with air, and store under the protection of nitrogen. Usually aluminum or stainless steel containers are used, and carbon steel containers lined with phenolic resin can also be used. Valeraldehyde is a flammable liquid and should be marked in red during transportation.
Product protection: Wear protective gloves, protective glasses, and work clothes with static electricity to avoid inhalation and skin contact.


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